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Brake Repairs

Brake Repairs in Long Beach, NY

Brake inspections are important to make sure your brakes are working properly. This will keep you, as well as other drivers, safe on the road.

If a brake inspection reveals the need for a repair, one of the expert brake repair staff at Mann Auto & Tire Center will perform this service, and do it right the first time for customers in the Long Beach, NY Area.

Why do I need a brake inspection?

If your brakes are not working right, your vehicle will not come to a complete stop quickly.

It is important to have your brakes inspected to make sure all parts are working correctly.

  • Brakes use friction to completely stop the vehicle.
  • This friction creates heat that can wear the brakes and other brake parts over time.
  • Because of this, inspecting the brakes and and making sure they are working properly has become an important part of overall vehicle maintenance.
What are brakes?

Brake systems vary from vehicle to vehicle. All types of brakes, however, are responsible for the same tasks. No matter what type of system your vehicle has, it is important that is works properly.

Today, some common brake types include drum and disc brakes.

  • Drum brakes contain brake shoes, drums, wheel cylinders, springs, and self-adjusters.
  • Disc brakes contain brake pads, rotors, calipers, and hydraulic components.

Depending on the design of the rear brake system, the parking brake assembly, which keeps the vehicle from rolling once stopped, can be housed in either a drum or rotor.

All of these parts, including the brake pedal and brake fluid, should be checked during a brake inspection service. This helps ensure that a vehicle is safe to operate.

What is a brake inspection?

The goal of our brake inspection is to find, diagnose, and discuss any issues while recommending brake repair procedures.

During a brake inspection, we may find that your brake system requires new brake pads or shoes. We may also notice you need installation of new brake calipers or wheel cylinders. Or, we may need to drain and replace your old brake fluid to rid the brake lines of air, dirt, and other contaminants.

If your brake lines and hoses show cracks or heat damage, it may be time to replace them. To restore maximum braking ability, the rotors or drums of your disc or drum brake system might also need to be replaced.

Our methods and items for repair will vary by inspection, so please contact us online or give us a call to learn more about brake maintenance.

When do I need a brake inspection?

Determining when to seek an inspection will depend on your driving conditions and preferences. Be sure to check your owner’s manual for a maintenance schedule. Or stop into our shop when you notice the signs of needing a brake inspection. To schedule a brake inspection or repair, contact us for more information today.

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